wayne quilliam

Aboriginal Artist Marlipinyini Milawini (Wayne Quilliam) is the Painter of Light. 
He creates, cajoles, decodes and deciphers his cultural essence through subterfuge and clarity.
Entropy is conceptually defined as the measure of the level of disorder in a changing system.
To quantify the state of equilibrium in a human beings state of mind or spiritual harmony relating to the deciphering of art and culture, individualistic faith will sometimes challenge the collective belief in an evolutionary changing system.

In isolation I am able to articulate and record the memories, the emotions, the complex visions absorbed by congruous interactions with people, culture and the earth.  If this is the case, how can I truly believe my art indivualistic, one of a kind, unique? Is my work a process of continuous inner evolution and if so, can my creative spirit overcome the contaminated boundaries that threaten to poison the purity of future creations. 

To be more prosaic, distinguishing ones art as factual offers a greater sense of sensibility compared to romanticising the fluidity of artistic evolution. Offering society a complex response to a polemic attack on conformity is destructive and counterproductive to one’s inner essence.

My work challenges the myths of a culture frozen in time, in some idyllic pre-contact state.  The visual narrative instigates confronting commentary on the ideology of an ancient culture evolving in   contemporary society whilst the physical images conjure a conceptual environment in which primeval connotations are challenged.  Indigenous culture has been compressed and categorised with the advancement of civilisation and with that a prescriptive view that isolates and divides.

Described as contradictory, spiritualised and ideological, my vision is conscious of philosophising a prescribed cultural perspective. I leave it to my peers to attribute meaning allowing me to engage in coherent discussion that demands existential debate. Validating a feeling, a spiritual connection to a digital file is absurd and polarising, it challenges the very essence of cultural embodiment.
A.Professor Wayne Quilliam